B Fish N Tackle 4" Ringworms

B-Fish-N Tackle took a great fish catching design... and made it BETTER! The 4" Ringworm has earned the reputation as one of the most versatile soft plastic baits ever created. B-Fish-N Tackle listened to angler input and made some subtle changes that have improved both the performance and durability of this product! B-Fish-N Tackle beefed up the neck of their 4" Ringworms to provide added durability. Anglers state time and time again that fish, particularly bass, were ripping the ringworms off their jigs during violent headshakes at boatside. The solution was to eliminate the "neckdown" area of the old design and tweak the mold to produce baits that were ever so slightly larger in diameter for the first 1.5" behind the nose of these baits. The result was a much more durable ringworm that retained ALL of the subtle fish catching action this bait is famous for! B-Fish-N Tackle made another important change to the tail of it's 4" ringworms by slightly enlarging the overall size of the tail on ALL of its ringworms. A BETTER TAIL = MORE ACTION = MORE FISH! 12 Count Package
B Fish N Tackle 4" Ringworms
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