Vexilar® FL-18 Ultra Ice Fishing Sonar Pack

Described as ''one of the finest sonar units ever in the history of ice fishing'' by In-Fisherman Magazine, Vexilar's FL-18 Ultra Sonar Pack was designed to shatter the expectations of serious winter anglers. This three-color flasher depth finder/fish finder features a patented split-screen flasher display that allows you to zoom in on the bottom six feet while watching the entire water column simultaneously -- in real time! The Auto Zoom mode is fantastic for watching perch or walleye while ice fishing. These fish commonly hold tight on the bottom, and with a target ID of less than 1/2'', the FL-18 makes them easy to spot! Additional features include: Built-in shallow water mode for fishing waters under 15 feet Five depth scales down to 200 feet Built-in interference rejection Three-color LED readout tells you if the targets you see are weak (green), medium (orange), or strong (red) Two-year factory warranty Specifications High-resolution display: 525 bits High-speed real-time LED readout Backlit depth scale for easy visibility in low light conditions Three-color display: red = strong signal, orange = medium, green = weak Five depth scales: 20', 40', 60', 80', and 200' Exclusive interference rejection: 10 step Power and sensitivity: 400 watts peak-to-peak Frequency: 200 kHz Target separation: 2.65'' Target ID: .5'' Weatherproof high-impact case Dimensions: 4.4''H x 6''W x 2.5''D Weight: 1.1 lb. Voltage: 12V DC - current draw: 275 MA Transducer: ice fishing Cone angle: 12°
Vexilar® FL-18 Ultra Ice Fishing Sonar Pack
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  • Manufacturer: Vexilar
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